Resolving Disputes with My Mover

What may I do to resolve disputes with my mover?

FMCSA does not help you settle your dispute with your mover.

Generally, you must resolve your own loss and damage disputes with your mover. You enter a contractual arrangement with your mover. You are bound by each of the following three terms and conditions:

  1. The terms and conditions you negotiated before your move.
  2. The terms and conditions you accepted when you signed the bill of lading.
  3. The terms and conditions you accepted when you signed for delivery of your goods.

You have the right to take your mover to court. We require your mover to offer you arbitration to settle your disputes with it.

If your mover holds your goods “hostage”—refuses delivery unless you pay an amount you believe the mover is not entitled to charge— FMCSA does not have the resources to seek a court injunction on your behalf.

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